About, HeraSoft

At HeraSoft™, we apply distributed cloud, ransomware-proof software (RPS™), to solve the world’s toughest enterprise and cyber security, finance, gamification and logistical challenges. We help enterprise and government organizations be more secure and function faster at less cost.

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HeraSoft Solutions


  • Enterprise Security

    Digital made secure

    Prevent cyber attacks with ransomware-proof, distributed cloud software from HeraSoft.

  • Logistics

    Track and trace made incorruptible

    Make your records fraud-proof with our blockchain-based technology.

  • Finance

    Financial ecosystems made trustworthy

    Improve transparency and efficiency using our digital currency, wallets and more.

  • Gamification

    Risks and rewards made better

    Open up a new world of functionality and player engagement with HeraSoft.

Advantage, You

  • 01

    Zero failure

    Served by multiple servers at once, impossible to take down

  • 02

    Ransomware-proof data/applications

    No central place for data storage or data served

  • 03

    Zero downtime

    No system lockout/failure

  • 04

    Superior storage

    Advanced encryption and disaster recovery

  • 05

    Perfect data integrity

    Inherently incorruptible

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At HeraSoft, the answer is yes. We can solve your toughest challenges in enterprise and cyber security, finance, gamification and logistics.

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