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As a part of our series about business leaders who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthem Blanchard, CEO of HeraSoft.

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of HeraSoft, also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. As Director of Strategic Development and Marketing with European-based GoldMoney, Anthem helped develop and implement their current business model, overseeing marketing and product development efforts which resulted in an increase of total value held by the company from $1 million in 2002 to $368 million by 2008; today, the company holds over $2 billion in client assets. From 2010–2013, Anthem served as an independent director and member of the audit committee, compensation committee, and nominating committee at Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (ticker symbol: PTX, traded on NASDAQ MKT), a pharmaceutical company based in The Woodlands, Texas.

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