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Incorruptible Chain of Transaction

Sweepstake Case Study

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HeraSoftTM makes transactions fraud-proof with blockchain-based technology that authenticates a chain of events and its contents with an immutable timestamp.


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Incorruptible Chain of Transaction

Sweepstake Case Study

HeraSoft’s Approach »

The security and verifiability of any sweepstakes game are paramount to its success.

Some of HeraSoft’s capabilities in gamification are demonstrated by our work with VIAFONE TECHNOLOGIES, which uses artificial intelligence and a machine-learning chatbot platform to elevate customer engagement. HeraSoft and VIAFONE partnered to launch the world’s first provably incorruptible mall sweepstakes chat application, sponsored by the State of Qatar.

The application allows users to securely connect and chat with other mall shoppers while participating in fun sweepstakes.

Using HeraSoft’s secure data storage and timestamp products, VIAFONE is able to drive shopper engagement while ensuring a trustworthy and transparent sweepstake. For every receipt entered to create a lottery ticket, and for every winner drawn, a timestamp is created in blockchain. This process creates an immutable audit trail and ensures a fraud-free drawing — guaranteed.


Securely identify, record, store and access data, and authenticate the chain of transactions.

Business Drivers

  • People are motivated by incentives and competitions like sweepstakes, but don’t always trust the outcomes.
  • Multiple examples of sweepstake, lottery and other gaming fraud have been documented.
  • Gamification is increasingly being employed to improve engagement with targeted stakeholders

Traditional Approach

Paper entries from which a winner is hand picked.

HeraSoft’s capabilities in gamification include:

  • Developing digital collectibles wallets
  • Validating proof of human work
  • Securing applications
  • Using smart contracts to facilitate transactions
  • Enabling transactions through cryptocurrencies
  • Facilitating trading of virtual assets
  • Storing data and digital assets in a distributed and highly secure fashion
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