Consensus computing products


HeraSoft secures infrastructure, applications and data with blockchain-based Consensus computing products.

Layer on existing technologies with minimal disruption on Consensus computing products


Blockchain User Management

Trustless protocols that identify, authenticate and authorize.

 Inherently fraud-proof by design
 Completely anonymized data
 Single sign on

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Distributed Cloud Storage

Store data in a highly-secure environment.

 Automatic data replication across data centers
 Highly-available and performant file storage

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Tamper-Proof Time Stamp

Proof stamp mission critical data to permanent data stores.

 Perfect data integrity
 Increased trust on logging systems
 Immutable records

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AI-Powered Threat Analysis

Monitor network traffic and pinpoint security threats.

 Analyze high volumes of threat data
 Get fast, actionable information
 Improve accuracy of monitoring

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