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Unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices make many companies vulnerable to data loss. HeraSoft helps prevent that with our ransomware-proof, distributed cloud software for enterprise security solution.

Built on the blockchain, HeraSoft’s technology eliminates single points of failure that make traditional, centralized cloud-based systems vulnerable to data breaches, hacks and other types of cybercrime. Our software works as both a stand-alone solution or as a complement to existing data, application and enterprise security solution.


  • Encrypting data and authorizing keys
  • Managing digital identities and access controls
  • Securing applications and workloads
  • Storing data and digital assets in a distributed and highly secure fashion


Enterprise security | Blockchain | User Management Solution | HeraVault blockchain | 2021

Improved security

Prevent cyber attacks with ransomware-proof, distributed cloud software from HeraSoft.

Enterprise security | Blockchain | User Management Solution | HeraVault blockchain | 2021

Advanced traceability

With HeraSoft, each movement or exchange of data is immutably and incorruptibly recorded.

HeraStamp | Tamper-Proof Time Stamp | HeraSoft |Enterprise security | Blockchain | User Management Solution | 2021

Increased transparency

HeraSoft’s blockchain-based technology provides a shared and single version of the truth.

Enterprise security | Blockchain | User Management Solution | 2021

Enhanced efficiency

Facilitate faster transactions with HeraSoft’s digital currency and automated smart contracts.


  • Medical Records
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Supply Chains
  • Government Records



Blockchain User Management Solution

HeraPass is a blockchain-based user management solution that utilizes the Zero Knowledge Password Proof protocol to achieve anonymization and encryption of highly-sensitive data, including private and public key pairs – on the web or any IoT device.

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