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Perhaps no industry is being impacted more by blockchain than banking and financial services. And HeraSoft is helping lead the way to improved transparency and efficiency using our digital currency, wallets and more.

Built on the blockchain, HeraSoft’s ransomware-proof, distributed cloud technology enables real-time, multi-party tracking and management of financial data. The result is simplified operations, faster settlements, and automated transactions that draw from indisputable records.


  • Securing applications
  • Managing digital identities
  • Using smart contracts to facilitate transactions
  • Enabling transactions through cryptocurrencies and digital wallets
  • Facilitating trading of financial assets
  • Storing data and digital assets in a distributed and highly secure fashion


  • Enhanced efficiency

    Facilitate faster transactions with HeraSoft’s digital currency and automated smart contracts.

  • Improved security

    HeraSoft’s distributed cloud software is inherently fraud- and ransomware-proof by design.

  • Advanced traceability

    With HeraSoft, each movement or exchange of data is immutably and incorruptibly recorded.

  • Increased transparency

    HeraSoft’s blockchain-based technology provides a shared and single version of the truth.


  • Bank Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit
  • Payments
  • Clearance & Settlements
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Fundraising



Blockchain User Management Solution

HeraPass is a blockchain-based user management solution that utilizes the Zero Knowledge Password Proof protocol to achieve anonymization and encryption of highly-sensitive data, including private and public key pairs – on the web or any IoT device.

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