Ultra-Secure User Management

61% of all breaches can be attributed to credentials.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link HeraPass is a blockchain-based user management solution that utlizes “Zero-Knowledge Password Proof Protocol” to achieve anonymization and encryption of this highly sensitive data, including private and public key pairs.

Once protected, a user credential base attack is virtually impossible.

Compliant with: HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and NIST guidelines.

61% of all breaches can be attributed to credentials

Whether obtained via hacking tools, phishing emails, or even successful exploits of other systems, user credentials are a vulnerability even when protected by two-factor authentication.

Once inside a system, the Digitalradi have free reign to hack their way into all access levels.

Herasoft Distributed Cloud Software

HeraPass Eliminates the Threat of breach based attacks!

Once protected, a user credential based attack is virtually impossible.

HeraPass Can be deployed as:

“A phone or device key”
“A Browser plug-in”
“A USB Device”
“A designated Chromebook”

It can even be deployed independently on an AirGap System or as an access point to Secure Video Calls

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