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Applying Blockchain

to traditional enterprise and cyber security

Business Problem

Cyber attacks are rampant and occurring at an
unprecedented pace – every 11 seconds.

Ransomware attacks in 2019 totaled $7.5B, taking down more than 750 healthcare providers, 100 government agencies and 90 education providers. Unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices make many organizations vulnerable to data loss, demands for ransom and reputational damage. And it’s only getting worse.

Despite the high-profile emergence and substantial benefits of blockchain, most enterprise and government organizations retain significant capital investment in traditional IT infrastructure for security.

The centralized architecture of these antiquated technologies allows malicious actors to access lucrative data and systems after compromising just one device on a targeted network.

A move to blockchain-based, consensus computing offers an opportunity to decentralize and distribute network architectures. However, some legacy and mainframe applications may be unsuitable for cloud-like migrations, and must continue operating in private data centers with traditional architectures. Additional restrictions like limited resources and a need to fully depreciate capital investments force many organizations to maintain previous technologies for as long as possible.

As a result, legacy infrastructure, applications and associated data also need the protection afforded by distributed computing. But it’s vital these improvements can be implemented with no disruption to mission-critical resources within the organization.


By using HeraSoft’s blockchain based solutions for enterprise and cyber security, organizations can achieve unprecedented security while enhancing efficiency, increasing transparency, lowering operating costs and improving reputation. Moreover, our products may be stacked on legacy computing environments to standardize security and support previous capital investments in technology.

  • Stop hackers and attackers, eliminate ransomware
  • Achieve unrivaled security across sensitive applications and data
  • Accomplish perfect data integrity
  • Eliminate risk of unauthorized insider access
  • Eliminate online fraud and identity theft
  • Speed up and protect legacy processes with minimal disruption

Traditional Approach

Antiquated centralized architecture, which creates single points of failure and attack.

HeraSoft Approach.

At HeraSoft™, we apply distributed cloud, ransomware-proof software (RPS™), to solve the world’s toughest enterprise and cyber security challenges.

Built on the blockchain, HeraSoft’s technology eliminates single points of failure that make traditional, centralized cloud-based systems vulnerable to data breaches, hacks and other types of cybercrime. Our software works as both a stand-alone solution or as a complement to existing data and applications.

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We empower a growing range of industries, including banking, healthcare, import/ export and more.

HeraSoft’s capabilities in enterprise and cyber security include:

  • Encrypting data and authorizing keys
  • Managing digital identities and access controls
  • Securing applications and workloads
  • Storing data and digital assets in a distributed and highly secure fashion

Implementation Overview

Products Deployed


Blockchain User Management

Trustless protocols that anonymize and encrypt highly-sensitive data


Distributed Cloud Storage

Ransomware-proof data storage that automatically replicates across data centers


Tamper-Proof Time Stamp

Unique signatures that proof stamp mission critical data to immutable records


AI-Powered Threat Analysis

Self-learning technology to monitor high volumes of network traffic and pinpoint security threats

Examples of Implementation

Protecting Data

Most companies still use centralized data storage, meaning a hacker only has to exploit a single vulnerable point in the system to access its entirety of data. We’ll build a decentralized storage platform for your organization, separating and distributing your files across multiple nodes on your network.

Securing the IoT

Hackers have increasingly used edge devices, such as thermostats and routers, to gain access to overall systems. By decentralizing device authorities, we ensure attacks are impossible to execute.

Stopping Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks can cripple ill-prepared businesses. We’ve built a public protocol index layer on our platform tied to Bitcoin that can help you stop ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks.

Mitigating DDoS Attacks

A denial of service attack takes control of computers and concentrates these compromised machines towards a centrally-served application vulnerable to chokepoint attack. We’ll deploy public protocol and blockchain to distribute your applications and data, protecting your systems from takedown.

Replacing Passwords

Passwords are a notoriously weak layer protecting your most valuable information. By employing trustless protocols, we can help you skip passwords and instead leverage private keys and multi-step authentication to ensure user identities.

Advantage, You.


Zero Failure

Served by multiple servers at once, impossible to take down


Ransomware-proof data/applications

No central place for data storage or data served


Zero downtime

No system lockout/failure


Superior storage

Advanced encryption and disaster recovery


Perfect data integrity

Inherently incorruptible

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