Tamper-Proof Time HeraStamp


With time and proof stamping, HeraStamp creates unique signatures of a system’s internal state and anchors it to public protocols that are immutable.

If bad actors try to tamper with the data, a permanent, verifiable record exists to expose the attempt.

Features HeraStamp

  • Proof HeraStamp mission critical data
  • Perfect data integrity
  • Increased trust on your logging system
  • Immutable records

Benefits HeraStamp

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Increased transparency

HeraSoft’s blockchain-based technology provides a shared and single version of the truth.

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Advanced traceability

With HeraSoft, each movement or exchange of data is immutably and incorruptibly recorded.



Prove the incorruptibility of a sweepstake game


Record payments, clearances and settlements


Track the packaging, shipment and receipt of assets

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