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April 27, 2022

15 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Tech Investments as an SME

Technology can certainly be an investment, especially for small- and…
April 11, 2022

Timestamping & Smart Contracts: Transparent, Traceable, and Irreversible

Timestamping digital documents has been around for decades though never…
April 9, 2022

How You or Your Company Could Be Vulnerable to a Cyberattack

As we now face a new, exciting chapter of the…
Cloud InfrastructureBlog
January 17, 2022

Mitigate password spraying risks through decentralization

Businesses serious about cybersecurity should stop doing the same thing…
HIPAAAnthem BlanchardBlog
January 10, 2022

13 Entrepreneurs Share the One Lesson That Has Most Impacted Their Business

HeraSoft CEO Anthem Blanchard Joins the Newsweek's Expert Panel Read…
block chain and cryptocurrencyAnthem BlanchardBlog
December 17, 2021

In the Midst of COVID, Cyber Security Is More Important than Ever

As more companies fall victim to breaches and as the…
blockchain developmentBlog
December 2, 2021

Cyber warfare and the impact to businesses

Why corporations have even more incentive to secure their data…
logistics solutionsBlog
November 15, 2021

HeraSoft raises $5m in Series A funding

Oklahoma based blockchain startup focused on cybersecurity raised $5m in…
Financial Institution Security ServicesBlog
November 12, 2021

HeraSoft, the Premiere Ransomware-Proof Solution for Enterprises

HeraSoft's ransomware-proof solution for cloud systems can be leveraged to…
November 12, 2021

HeraSoft bringing tech industry to Bartlesville

When husband and wife Anthem and Cynthia Blanchard were considering…
AnthemAnthem BlanchardBlog
November 11, 2021

Anthem Blanchard of HeraSoft: “Acknowledge issues”

As a part of our series about business leaders who are…
blockchain technology companiesBlog
November 10, 2021

Anthem Hayek Blanchard And Austin Davis Of HeraSoft On Security In NFT And Blockchain

Security breaches are a major concern in many industries today,…
AnthemAnthem BlanchardBlog
October 30, 2021

Meet The Disruptors: Anthem Blanchard of HeraSoft On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

  Asa part of our series about business leaders who…
cloud-based solutions advantages and disadvantagesBlog
October 14, 2021

Blockchain for enterprise security- all the benefits, none of the disruption.

A few months ago in a post on how blockchain…
blockchain securityBlog
October 12, 2021

Gamification & Data Security: The Importance of Data Security in the Ever-Evolving World of Online Gaming

When it comes to consumer-facing businesses, such as the gaming…
herasoft cloud-based softwareBlog
October 12, 2021

Blockchain supply chain solutions for tracking gold

The gold industry has vulnerabilities that leave it open for…
October 9, 2021

How is blockchain changing business? 

By Anthem Blanchard We are beyond the hype that surrounded…
distributed cloud vs edge computingBlog
October 7, 2021

Are blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin the same thing?

At HeraSoft, we deal with enterprise and enterprise security applications…
distributed cloud computingBlog
October 5, 2021

Can smart contracts revolutionize real estate?

Smart contracts are an incredibly useful feature that’s come out…
azure distributed cloudBlog
September 30, 2021

How does blockchain work with HIPAA?

Blockchain and security go hand-in-hand, particularly as it relates to…
qatar-ministry-of-tourism-becomes-first-tourism-body-in-the-world-to-launch-a-whatsapp-based-fully-digitized-raffle-draw-powered-by-chat2ai-and-secured-by-herastamp VIAFONE TECHNOLOGIESBlogPress Release
July 28, 2021

Qatar Ministry of Tourism Becomes First Tourism Body in the World to Launch a WhatsApp-Based, Fully-Digitized Raffle Draw Powered by Chat2AI and Secured by HeraStamp

HeraStamp is implemented by the Qatari government as the first…
Casper Network | CasperLabs Partners | with HeraSoft | Enable AssetBlogPress ReleaseResources
July 16, 2021

Press Release: CasperLabs Partners with HeraSoft to Enable Asset Tracing and Ownership on the Casper Network

HeraSoft will migrate its gold-backed asset token onto the Casper…
Ethereum Citing | HeraSoft Team Leaves | High Gas Costs, Low LatencyNews
July 16, 2021

News: HeraSoft Team Leaves Ethereum, Citing High Gas Costs and Low Latency

HeraSoft wanted to realize the potential of its tokenized gold-backed…
Ransomware Attacks | HeraSoft Looks To Stop | After $5M Series ANews
July 16, 2021

News: HeraSoft Looks To Stop Ransomware Attacks After $5M Series A

It is estimated a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds and that…

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