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Ransomware Proof Solution | GoldFlorin Launches Tokenized | HeraSoft

HeraSoft’s ransomware-proof solution and gold-backed asset token is being used to track, trace, and authenticate commercial gold holdings on GoldFlorin’s platform.

BARTLESVILLE, Okla.April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — GoldFlorin, known for providing professional investors and collectors the finest gold and silver products and deploying the most revolutionary methods of buying and investing in precious metals, launched its tokenized gold platform. HeraSoft‘s ransomware-proof technology is deployed to track, trace, and authenticate the commercial gold holdings for GoldFlorin’s professional customers. Additionally, HeraSoft’s proprietary and customized software enables GoldFlorin to launch its gold-backed asset token and offer professional customers secure access to viewing data on their commercial gold holdings.

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of HeraSoft, expressed, “We are honored to be able to support GoldFlorin to secure its platform and gold-backed asset token. Ransomware and other cyber attacks are unfortunately on the rise with $6 trillion in global cybercrime damages expected this year. HeraSoft guards against these deleterious cyber attacks by eliminating single points of failure in cloud storage systems.”

Jacco Kooij, CEO of GoldFlorin, shared, “We are very excited to launch GoldFlorin’s platform and token, secured with HeraSoft’s ransomware- proof solution. HeraSoft was one of the few companies that can truly provide incorruptible cyber security software in the precious metals space. With HeraSoft we have the best in class with the combined expertise in precious metals and ransomware-proof software which is paramount when we are handling our valued customers and their precious metals assets while we gained their trust. We have full confidence in HeraSoft and are looking forward to a long lasting partnership that will evolve in a revolutionary product offering in the precious metals industry.”

The tracking and tracing of gold inventory is just one use case for HeraSoft’s ransomware-proof solution. Any enterprise or government organization using cloud-based data storage can benefit from HeraSoft’s enhanced protections against cyber attacks and the improved transparency enabled by its technology.

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About HeraSoft

The HeraSoft TM ransomware-proof solution (RPSTM) helps organizations be more secure, function faster and far less expensively than any traditional centralized enterprise cloud solution available today. HeraSoft’s distributed solution eliminates single points of failure that make cloud- based software systems vulnerable to cyber attacks. HeraSoft works as a stand-alone solution or can be layered on to enhance the existing software’s security. By deploying HeraSoft, enterprises and government organizations can enhance both data cybersecurity and application cybersecurity across industries (ie., import/export, banking, health, etc.).

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