The Worlds First commercially deployed, distributed Web 3.0 suite designed specifically to enhance existing cloud, and cybersecurity security software.

A Blockchain Anchored Shield
that protects your existing deployment.

HeraSoft Web 3.0 security solutions can be applied to existing systems, whether they are connected or air-gapped with minimal disruption, and future proof today’s technologies.

Web 3.0 integration can secure today’s systems, and provide a foundation on which the future digital infrastructure can be built.


Tamper-Proof Time Stamp

Creates an incorruptible, unhackable, ensuring data integrity.

Hera Stamp

The HeraStamp signature ensures the absolute authenticity of practically any kind of data.

Vide Surveillance
Server logs
Official documents
Chain of custody
Supply Chain

Financial records
Medical data
Legal case files/evidence
Property records & land use
Operating system kernels


Ultra-Secure User Management

61% of all breaches can be attributed to credenals.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link HeraPass is a blockchain-based user management solution that utlizes “Zero-Knowledge Password Proof Protocol” to achieve anonymization and encryption of this highly sensitive data, including private and public key pairs.

Once protected, a user credential base attack is virtually impossible.


Distributed Cloud Storage

Traditional cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3 can be a honeypot of treasure on an exploited system.


That is where HeraVault comes in. HeraValt shards files and stores them in across a distributed system. Organizational data is stored in a highly secure environment with built-in replication, error correction, and restoration capabilities. Even if the information is corrupted, it can be easily reconstituted.


Al-Powered Threat Analysis

A truly secure system needs to be watched over in real-time by an all-seeing eye. That is the job of the machine learning algorithms in HeraFlow.


HeraFlow watches and learns from the normal flow of data in your system. It can observe data flowing through a single router or node, detect basic operating system funcionality at the kernel level, or gather intelligence from HeraStamp and HeraPass.

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